Arteries of the upper limb

Lateral thoracic

Upper Limb Arteries

Ulnar nerve

Ulnar artery

Thoracoacromial artery

Subscapular Axillary nerve Circumflex scapular

Profunda brachii Median nerve

Flexor retinaculum

Ulnar artery ■ Ulnar nerve Pisiform

Deep branch of ulnar

Deep palmar arch Palmar metacarpal

Superficial -palmar arch

Radial artery

Princeps pollicis

Radialis indicis

Common interosseous Posterior interosseous

Radial nerve Radial artery

Anterior interosseous

Flexor carpi radialis


The arterial system of the upper limb. The main nerves that are related to the arteries are shown in green. Only the major arterial branches are labelled

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