The contents of the posterior fascial extensor compartment of the forearm

• Muscles (Fig. 37.1): brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis longus arise separately from the lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus. They are innervated by the radial nerve. The remaining extensor muscles are considered in superficial and deep layers which are innervated by the posterior interosseous branch of the radial nerve. The muscles of the superficial layer arise from the common extensor origin on the lateral epicondyle of the humerus. The muscles of the deep layer arise from the backs of the radius, ulna and interosseous membrane (see Muscle index, p. 162).

• Arteries: posterior interosseous artery (branch of the common interosseous artery).

• Nerve supply: posterior interosseous nerve (branch of the radial nerve) (Fig. 37.3).

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