Genitofemoral Nerve

The genitofemoral nerve (L1, L2) pierces the psoas major and emerges on the anterior surface of that muscle. It descends posterior to the ureter and gonadal vessels, and usually divides anterior to the lower third of the psoas major into femoral and genital branches. In the male, the genital branch enters the deep inguinal ring, innervates the cremasteric muscle, emerging from the superficial inguinal ring to supply the scrotum. In the female it follows a similar course and distributes sensory fibers to the skin of the major labium. The femoral branch passes posterior to the inguinal ligament to provide sensory fibers to the upper middle part of the femoral triangle. Due to the variability of the course of the genitofemoral nerve in the inguinal region, entrapment of the genital branch of this nerve maybe a possible cause of chronic groin pain [17].

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