Variables Believed to Be Correlates of High Verbal IQ

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In Chapter 8, right-hemisphere damage was shown, based on extensive data, to be associated with high Verbal IQ, relative to Performance IQ, a finding that also generally applied to patients with diffuse brain damage (including some samples tested on the WAIS-III). The following variables are also believed to be associated with V > P profiles for samples tested on Wechsler's adult scales: attendance at college, psychiatric disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, depression), alcohol abuse, motor coordination problems, Alzheimer's-type dementia, and having a Full Scale IQ of 110 or above.

The V > P profile for people who have attended, or graduated from, college was examined in Chapter 4 and again in Chapter 8 (see pages 115-116 and Table 8.21). The so-called characteristic profile only holds true for individuals who have completed one or more years of graduate school (V > P = 4.6 points), not one or more years of college. Those who have completed one year of college averaged about 1J4 points lower on the Verbal scale, and those with 2, 3, or 4 years of college had a slight V > P pattern of 1.4-2.8

points. Among psychiatric patients, Loro and Woodward (1976) reported a 22-point Verbal superiority for those having 12+ years of formal schooling versus V-P discrepancies of 0-2 points for patients with less education (total sample = 214). However, whether that finding with the WAIS from a generation ago generalizes to other psychiatric samples tested in the present on the WAIS-III is unknown.

Several other variables believed to be associated with V > P profiles are discussed in the sections that follow.

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