Preface ix

Introduction xiii

Part 1

History: Using DNA to Understand the Past

1. Abraham Lincoln: Did He Have Marfan Syndrome? 3

2. Kings and Queens: Genetic Diseases in Royal Families 15

3. Toulouse-Lautrec: An Artist despite His Genes 27

4. Old Bones: DNA and Skeletons 39

Part 2

Justice: The DNA Revolution in the Courts

5. DNA Detectives: The New DNA Evidence 53

6. Cold Hits: The Rise of DNA Felon Databanks 65

7. Genes and Violence: Do Mutations Cause Crime? 79

8. Wrongful Birth: What Should the Doctor Know? 93

Part 3

Behavior: Do Genes Make Us the Way We Are?

9. Mental Illness: How Much Is Genetic? 105

10. Personality: Were We Born This Way? 117

11. Talent: Nature or Nurture? 131

12. Gay Genes: What's the Evidence? 145

Part 4

Plants and Animals: Genetic Engineering and Nature

13. Genetically Modified Organisms: The Next Green Revolution? 157

14. Transgenic Animals: New Foods and New Factories 173

15. Endangered Species: New Genes Beat Extinction 187

16. Xenotransplantation: Animal Organs to Save Humans 199

Part 5

Diseases: The Genetic Revolution in Medicine

17. Cystic Fibrosis: Should Everyone Be Tested? 213

18. Breast Cancer: The Burden of Knowing 223

19. Alzheimer Disease: Are You at High Risk? 235

20. Gene Therapy: The Dream and the Reality 247

Part 6

Dilemmas: Genetic Technologies and Individual Choice

21. Genetic Testing and Privacy: Who Should Be Able to

Know Your Genes? 263

22. Frozen Embryos: People or Property? 277

23. Cloning: Why Is Everyone Opposed? 289

24. Eugenics: Can We Improve the Gene Pool? 303

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