transgene transfer to weeds, 165 Genetic testing abortion ethics, 153-154, 220-221,

267, 274,310-312 Alzheimer disease, 242-245, 268-269 apolipoprotein E4 screening,

242-245 BRCA1 mutations, 227, 229, 231 cystic fibrosis, screening for carriers commercial tests, 218 cost analysis, 219-220 ethical considerations, 217-218, 220-221 population-based screening, 218-219 Down syndrome, 266 fragile X syndrome, 96, 101, 271-272 Huntington disease, 269-270,

273-274 insurance concerns, 231-233 newborn testing ethics, 265 notification of affected family members, 271-273 overview, 263-268 paternity testing, 270-271 phenylketonuria, 263-264 physicians as gatekeepers, 273-275 prenatal screening ethics, 265-266 recessive carrier screening, 266-267 spina bifida, 266-267 tandem mass spectrometry, 264-265 Tay-Sachs disease, 266-267 George III, acute intermittent porphyria,

Glucocerebrosidase, production in genetically modified organisms,

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