Auguste Ds case history

Auguste D. was admitted to the clinic in Frankfurt on November 25, 1901. The case history in the file reads as follows: D., Auguste, wife of an office clerk, aged 51-and-a-half years. The patient's mother suffered convulsive attacks after menopause; it seems that she did not lose consciousness and did not drop objects that she was holding in her hands. Her mother died at the age of 64 of pneumonia; her father died at the age of 45. Three healthy brothers. No alcoholism or mental illness in the family history.

Previously, the patient had never been sick. She had been happily married since 1873, had borne a healthy daughter, and had had no abortions. Very diligent and tidy, slightly anxious and fearful, but polite. There seems to have been no syphilitic infection in either the patient or in her husband. Until March 1901, nothing outstanding occurred. Around March 18,1901, the patient suddenly asserted, without any reason, that her husband had gone for a walk with a neighbour. From then on she remained very cool toward him and the lady. Soon afterward, she started to have difficulty in remembering things. Two months later, she started making mistakes in preparing meals, paced nervously and without reason in the apartment, and was not careful with the household money. She progressively became worse. She asserted that a wagon driver who often came to her home might do something to her, and she assumed

Fig. 7. Birthplace of Alois Alzheimer of Marktbreit

that all conversations of the people around her were about her. She had no language disturbances and no paralysis. Later she often had a fear of dying and nervous anxiety during which she started to tremble. She would ring all the bells of the neighbors and knock on their doors. She could not find certain objects that she had put away.

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