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Since that day and in a pioneering spirit, Fondation Ipsen has strived to bring to light new developments in science's understanding of Alzheimer's disease, detecting the promising topics and devoting to them, in many cases, some of the leading international conferences available to researchers. On each occasion, it has chosen to bring together Alzheimer specialists and researchers from various fields, with the aim ofsparking new ideas and enhancing debate. Twenty Colloques M├ędecine et Recherche (Table 1) have since been held, each another opportunity to focus on the best teams and the most promising research avenues. Following every conference, a publication was issued and the series Research and Perspectives in Alzheimer's Disease (Springer) is now a valued part of any university library's collection, each volume a reference point in the advancement of Alzheimer research (Fig. 2).

The speakers include the vast majority of those who have made or are still making Alzheimer history. With only a few exceptions, all of the Potamkin Award winners recognized for their remarkable work in the field participated in the conferences.

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