The .ibMi'ihanee ol the mi\tuie was measured ji ihe same iwu wavelengths.

■\bsoibanie at 25l)inn I.Ill \bsoib.iike al 350 mn LiiS

■\bsoibanie at 25l)inn I.Ill \bsoib.iike al 350 mn LiiS


I miil' 1110 Heer- l.amheri equal ion. .1 <■<■/

Iri order hi solve (lie tun simultaneous equalimiv il is nccc>sar\ to eliminate one ot the unknown values. Ili-nee if equation |2| is multiplied h\ loin c.w 1 i:D(\MU , • iwicone,, 131

Snhtnu-iinj; equation 111 from equation | -jive-»

T herefore the concentration of compound B is

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