> The Hofstee equation uses another reciprocal form of the Michaelis equation to give a linear relationship with intercepts at , K, and

An alternative method known as the Hofstee plot uses the Michaelis equation in the form v = V - K

in which v is plotted against v/[S] and gives intercepts at Vmax and Vmli/Km.

Both of these methods are extremely useful because the linear relationships make graphical treatment and also the statistical and subsequent computer handling of the data simple. The Lineweaver-Burk method is more frequently used, although it does suffer from the disadvantage that the experimental values which are the least precise (i.e. those involving very low substrate concentrations and resulting in very low velocities) are the furthest from the origin and hence tend to exert the most influence on the graph unless a weighted linear regression analysis is used. It is for this reason that the Hofstee plot is felt by some to be a more reliable method.

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