Use of Statistical Packages

A number of custom-made statistical software packages are available commercially. The student is urged to be familiar with at least one of them because of their versatility and efficiency.

SPSS. The statistical analysis software, SPSS (, is a common statistical package available in most of university networks, and the student could learn its use by following the tutorial session of the Spss program. Open and click Spsswin.exe to start the SPSS program (Figure 2.4). Go to Help and select the Spss Tutorial. From the Main menu page, follow the session. The biochemical data for statistical analysis can be entered directly by starting File, and then choose New and Data. However, it can be advantageous for the student to prepare data files with Excel (filename.xls) in advance. In this case, start File and then choose Open and Data. Click File type to select Excel (filename.xls). From the menu bar, select Statistics to initiate the data analysis.

SyStat. SyStat is a stand-alone statistical package of SPSS Inc. (http://, that performs comprehensive statistical analysis. The user's

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