Buccal Canine and Parotid Spaces

Buccal space infections often originate from an intraoral extension of infection of the bicuspid or molar teeth. This infection is characterized by significant cheek swelling with minimal trismus and systemic symptoms. Often, antimicrobial therapy alone is sufficient. However, extraoral superficial drainage may be required.

Canine space infections often follow maxillary incisor involvement. The typical swelling involves the upper lip, canine fossa, and periorbital tissues. Extension into the maxillary sinuses can occur. Intraoral surgical drainage and antibiotic therapy are often advocated.

Parotid space infections are generally a sequela of masseteric space infection and are characterized by swelling of the angle of the jaw, and pain, fever, and chills. These types of infections can extend directly into the posterior mediastinum and visceral spaces.

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