1. Assessment of severity of myopathy.

2. It had been suggested that all patients with central core disease should be considered to be at risk for malignant hyperthermia unless in vitro contracture tests show that the particular patient is free from the trait (Shuaib et al 1987). Not all patients with central core disease are susceptible to MH, and the disease is genetically heterogeneous (Curran et al 1999).The importance of all individuals with CCD being screened, regardless of the MH status of their relatives, has therefore been stressed (Halsall et al 1996, Curran et al 1999). If testing is not undertaken, individuals and their families will have to be treated as for MH, with all its implications.

3. Examination for mitral valve prolapse.

4. Avoidance of suxamethonium.


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