Bladder Augmentation

Bladder augmentation is required in most cases to create a large compliant urinary reservoir [28,32,35,36]. It is not known just how much bowel can be "stolen" from the gastrointestinal tract for this purpose without any deleterious effect on nutrition or, in cases that have had a pull-through, on continence [29,35]. Gas-trocystoplasty, or a gastric reservoir, has been favored by some to avoid shortening of the bowel [35,41], sometimes with an additional ileocystoplasty to improve compliance [35]. The ileum and colon can also be used for augmentation in selected cases [28,32,41].

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Once your pregnancy is over and done with, your baby is happily in your arms, and youre headed back home from the hospital, youll begin to realize that things have only just begun. Over the next few days, weeks, and months, youre going to increasingly notice that your entire life has changed in more ways than you could ever imagine.

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