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15.4.1 Covered Anus Complete

Covered anus complete, or imperforate anal membrane are low lesions that are distinctly uncommon in almost all series [72], including ours.

15.4.2 Anorectal Agenesis Without Fistula

High and intermediate varieties of anorectal agenesis without fistula are more common in our series and in the Japanese series than in other series. Some of our colleagues have seen this anomaly in association with Down syndrome (R. Chadha, 2005, personal communication). The coexistence of a proximal atresia has been described by Ein [25], Gangopadhyaya et al. [28], Sharma et al. [65], and Rajendran and Varma [54] (Fig. 15.8).

Fig. 15.8 Diagrammatic SS of anal agenesis and proximal atresia

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