Rectal Stenosis

This is a rare anomaly. Dorairajan [24] reported three cases; we also have three cases, one of which had a high lesion. A super-rare combination of rectal atresia

Anal Atresia With High Lesion
Fig. 15.14 Diagrammatic SS of rectocloacal and rectoperineal fistulas
Fig. 15.18 Diagrammatic SS of high rectal atresia with a large gap
Fig. 15.15 Diagrammatic SS of agenesis of vagina and rectoves-tibular fistula
Fig. 15.17 Diagrammatic SS of intermediate rectal atresia with septum
Fig. 15.19 Diagrammatic SS of rectal atresia and rectovestibu-lar fistula
Fig. 15.20 Diagrammatic SS of high rectal stenosis
Fig. 15.22 Diagrammatic SS of congenital funnel anus

and rectal stenosis has been reported by Gangopad-hyaya et al. [28] (Fig. 15.20 and 15.21).

Congenital Funnel anus is super-rare; there is a stenosis low down in the anal canal. Nixon [49] first described the condition. Subsequently, Rintala and Jarvinen [56] described five cases and Mahomed et al. [45] described two. We have three cases (Fig. 15.22).

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