Additional Features Important In Patients With Suspected Aortic Dissection

Besides the presence or absence of an intimal flap, other features are important to assess the differential diagnosis, surgical strategy, and prognosis of the patient (Figure 6.3). These features include detection of entry and reentry,

Figure 6.3. MRI images of the main abdominal aortic branches in a patient with type B dissection. White arrows: false lumen. A: Celiac trunc, originating from the true lumen. B: Right renal artery, originating from the true lumen. C: Left renal artery, originating from the false lumen.
Table 6.2. Comparison of the main imaging modalities with regard to important features beside presence of aortic dissection in acute aortic syndromes. 0 = no information, + = little information, ++ = moderate information, + + + = good information. Modified from reference 18.

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