State Model for Management of Type II Diabetes

The proposed state model is a chronic disease state management system for the continuum of diabetes care. Developed by the Decision Systems Group at the Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, USA and the Clinical Knowledge Management Group at Partners HealthCare Systems, Inc., the state model aims to provide integrated care across the entire spectrum of the disease and its complications, and the prevention of comorbidities.

The clinical expertise reflected in the state model has been developed by Partners HealthCare Systems, Inc. and is consistent with national [1,8,22,24] and international [14, 29, 35] standards of care. The rest of this section is devoted to the description of the state model, starting with a high-level view of the system, followed by a description of each state and substates. The graphic representation and semantic interpretation of the model is consistent with that of the UML 2.0 statechart described in Sect. 4.2.

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