Cold Steel and Gunshot Causes

"If we investigate those who lose their lives on the battlefield, we find three-quarters die from haemorrhage."

Morand, 17691

"Gun-shot Wounds are attended with much worse consequences than Wounds that are made by sharp Instruments, for the Parts are more shattered and torn, especially when the Shot fall upon the Joints, Bones, or any considerable Part."

Heister, 17432

Astride his horse, his right knee smashed by grapeshot, the Earl of Uxbridge exclaimed, "By God, sir, I've lost my leg." To which the nearby Duke of Wellington responded, "By God, sir, so you have."

Battle of Waterloo, 18153

In this chapter, we consider instant traumatic amputations or injuries leading to amputations as a consequence of aggressive actions caused by blunt trauma, cold steel wounds and gunshot missiles, in the pursuit of all-out warfare. In the process we cross the boundary between nonsurgi-cal dismemberment and the onset of elective surgical amputation precipitated by the introduction of gunpowder.

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