Disease Activity Index

A disease activity index (DAI) has to be calculated for each section of each eye, at each visit. The calculation is based upon the inflammatory state of the eye. The severity of the inflammatory indices is graded from 0 to 4. These indices are determined as follows: Anterior uveitis (AU): cells, flare, keratic precipitate and hypopyon in the anterior chamber. Posterior uveitis (PU): cells, snow ball and snow banking in the posterior chamber. Retinal vasculitis (RV): periarteritis, periphlebitis, edema of disk and macula and retina, papillitis, and active peripheral lesions in retina. The visual acuity (VA) as an overall index of the eye function was determined by the Snellen chart. VA is influenced by the inflammatory state of the eye, and complications such as synechia, cataracts, vitreous organization, and retinal scars.

For an overall patient's inflammatory index (Total Inflammatory Activity Index) a coefficient of gravity was given to each section of the eye. For AU it was 1, for PU it was 2, and for RV it was 3. The index was calculated as follows: TIAI= Right [(AUxl) + (PUx2) + (RVx3)] + Left [(AUxl) + (PUx2) + (RVx3)]. Also, an overall patient's evaluation (Total Adjusted Disease Activity Index) was calculated by giving an appropriate coefficient of gravity to VA, and adding it to the TIAI as follows: TADAI= TIAI + [(10 - right VA) x2] + [(10 - left VA) x2.

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