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Since the age of three the Turkish girl suffered from recurrent oral ulcers. In these situations she refused to eat. A viral infections were diagnosed. Six years later she developed genital ulcerations. With 12 years she fell ill with severe headache and double vision.

One grandmother was reported having recurrent ulcerations.

Fundoscopy showed a prominent papilla and retinal bleeding, there was no uveitis. Angio-CT and MRI scans were normal. There was no parenchymal lesions and no evidence of sinus thrombosis. Lumbar puncture was performed with normal cell count and protein, but massive elevated pressure up to 50 cm H20. Perimetric examination was normal. Skin pathergy test was negative.

We diagnosed idiopathic elevated intracranial pressure in ABD disease. Treatment was started with steroids and acetazolamide, followed by colchicine. By time headache disappeared and fundoscopy turned to normal.

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