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In 1963 a professorship in biochemistry under the Medical Faculty at the University of Copenhagen became vacant. For me it was not immediately an appealing possibility. We had a good group of devoted young people and in addition to our studies on the effect of various adenine nucleosides on tumor cell metabolism, also the problem of cellular uptake of purine compounds was dealt with. UlrikV. Lassen studied the mechanism of uptake of uric acid and related compounds. He published several papers partly together with Overgaard-Hansen. Our working conditions were in many ways excellent and we had a minimum of administrative obligations. Also the financing of our work was no big problem. In addition, I could hardly see myself as one of these wise and influential professors with heavy responsibilities. On the other hand, there were within the Danish Cancer Society diverging viewpoints with regard to which direction cancer research ought to follow. I had found that it had been a problem that the direction that I had chosen was not among the popular ones and that it probably would not be so in the future either. After many considerations and with reluctance I finally applied for the position. The scientific committee expressed itself positively about my research and the faculty approved. I obtained my appointment on June 1, 1964. In the time to follow, I was kept busy establishing a new biochemistry department. I was happy to be able to employ several of the people who had worked at the biochemistry section of The Fibiger Laboratory.

This was 4 years before the turmoil of the world wide students' revolt in 1968, which also hit Copenhagen. It later led to fundamental changes of the statute of the university.

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