Application of Single-Scan Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy tte simple case of the proton total correlation spectroscopy (TOCSY) spectrum of 2-ethylindanone (5% by volume) illustrates the application of single-scan two-dimensional NMR. tte mixing time was 60 ms and the duration of signal acquisition was 96.6 ms. ttere were 151 complex data points in the F\ dimension (the echo spectrum) and 160 (extended by linear prediction to 256) in the F2 dimension, tte sweep widths were 1,600 Hz in both dimensions. Figure 6.4 shows the two-dimensional spectrum in the range 0.6-3.4 ppm, with necessarily poorer resolution in the Fi dimension, tte conventional one-dimensional spectrum (which incidentally required a significantly longer measurement time) is set out along the top margin, indicating the assignment. Ms fast technique should prove invaluable for screening experiments on large sets of related molecules, where the conventional spectra in just one dimension are not sufficientlyspecific.

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