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No Recurrence


No Recurrence

Figure 15-2. Comparison by known stage of subjects who received estrogen replacement therapy.

silopoulou-Sellin.40 Subjects are randomized to either a placebo or ERT without a progesta-tional agent. Ninety women have been randomized and 49 have received ERT for a minimum of 2 years. No breast cancer recurrences have been observed in the ERT arm. The single recurrence was in the placebo arm.

The series discussed above are representative of the reported experience of ERT in 499 female breast cancer survivors (Table 15-2). This group of women is very heterogeneous with respect to breast cancer stage, the interval between diagnosis of breast cancer and initiation of ERT, the hormonal combinations prescribed, estrogen-receptor status, and finally in the duration of use of estrogen. Despite these limitations, it remains obvious that the use of estrogen is not associated with a rash of occurrences. Overall, the data do not suggest that ERT has an adverse effect on breast cancer outcome.

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