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This chapter reviews clinical and pathologic features of uncommon breast malignancies. The majority of the data used in the course of writing the chapter was obtained from small studies of specific tumor subtypes, or has been gleaned from larger studies that included several types of more common breast cancers. Unfortunately, there is often insufficient information available to draw absolute conclusions regarding therapy and prognosis.

Much of the data cited was collected prior to the widespread use of breast conservation. For this reason, the vast majority of patients studied were treated using mastectomy. The reliance on mastectomy has resulted in a lack of information regarding the natural history and radiosensitivity of many of the tumors presented. Therefore, the risk of local recurrence for patients with rare breast malignancies opting for breast conservation is unclear. There is, however, no reason to suspect a significant difference in the risk of local recurrence in this group of patients compared to patients with more common types of breast cancer. Except where specifically indicated, the clinically appropriate use of breast conservation should be considered in the informed treatment of patients with rare breast malignancies.

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