Table 6.2—QC tests for the medical physicist listed in the ACR QC manual (ACR, 1999).

QC Test



Mammographic unit assembly Annually evaluation

Collimation assessment Annually

System resolution Annually

Operating potential accuracy Annually and reproducibility

Beam quality assessment Annually

AEC system performance Annually

Uniformity of screens Annually

Breast exposure and AEC Annually reproducibility

Mean glandular dose Annually

Image-quality evaluation Annually

Artifact evaluation Annually

Radiation output rate Annually

Measurement of viewbox lumi- Annually nance and room illuminance

To insure that x-ray equipment locks, detents, indicators and mechanical supports for x-ray tube and image-receptor holder assembly work properly

To insure that the radiation field matches the light field and image receptor, and that the compression paddle is properly aligned

To insure a sufficiently small focal spot to maintain image sharpness

To insure that the indicated tube potential is accurate and reproducible

To insure that the HVL of the x-ray beam is adequate to minimize breast dose without contrast loss

To insure that the AEC system performs properly across the full range of breast thickness

To insure each cassette produces the same film optical density To insure reproducible exposures

To insure that breast radiation doses are appropriate To insure that image quality is consistently high

To isolate the sources of artifacts and insure that artifacts are eliminated To insure adequate radiation output rate to obtain reasonable exposure times To insure appropriate viewing conditions

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