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Adaptation to Cancer

In one study, 119 COPD patients were randomly assigned to either comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation or an education control group. Pulmonary rehabilitation consisted of 12 4-hour sessions distributed over an 8-week period. The content of the sessions was education, physical and respiratory care, psychosocial support, and supervised exercise. The education control group attended four 2-hour sessions that were scheduled twice per month, but did not include any individual instruction or exercise training. Topics included medical aspects of COPD, pharmacy use, and breathing techniques. In addition, subjects were interviewed about smoking, life events, and social support. Lectures covered pulmonary medicine, pharmacology, respiratory therapy, and nutrition. Outcome measures included lung function, exercise tolerance (maximum and endurance), perceived breathlessness, perceived fatigue, self-efficacy for walking, depression, and overall health-related quality of life.

Diving Physiology and Decompression Sickness

Because of the rise in popularity of scuba diving in recent years, many people now know something about the scientific aspects of breathing under high pressure. But diving is by no means a new fascination. As early as the fifth century B.C.E., Aristotle described divers using snorkels and taking containers of air underwater in order to stay down longer. Some Renaissance artists depicted divers many meters deep breathing from tubes to the water surface. In reality, this would be physically impossible. For one thing, such tubes would have so much dead space that fresh air from the surface would not reach the diver. The short snorkels used today are about the maximum length that will work for surface breathing. Another reason snorkels cannot be used at greater depths is that water pressure doubles for every 11 m of depth, and even at 1 m the pressure is so great that a diver cannot expand the chest muscles without help. This is one reason why scuba divers use pressurized air tanks. The...

The Relaxation Response And Behavior Change

Since relaxation training is often taught as a part of behavior-change programs with multiple components it is difficult to measure to what degree the beneficial effects are attributable to relaxation training alone. The effect of relaxation training was evaluated in one of the most successful behavior-change programs, the Lifestyle Heart program, developed by Ornish. In this program relaxation training is combined with diet and exercise regimens as well as group support to reduce symptoms in patients with coronary heart disease. In a controlled trial patients attended a week-long retreat followed by two 4-hour sessions each week thereafter. They performed 1 hour of aerobic exercise and participated in 1-hour sessions of stress management techniques which consisted of relaxation, yoga, stretching, breathing techniques, meditation, and guided imagery.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine consists of acupuncture, massage, Qi-Gong (Chinese deep-breathing excercises), medicated diet and herbal treatment with herbal treatment holding a dominant position. The theory of the herb property is one of the most important parts of the TCM. According to this theory, herbs have four properties - hot, warm, cool and cold, and five tastes - sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty. Basically, herbs with a hot or warm property have the nature of Yang and herbs with a cool or cold property have the nature of Yin. This forms the very basis of the theory of TCM materia medica. In line with the Yin-Yang concept in TCM diagnosis, the use of a Yin herb or a Yang herb to re-balance the Yin and Yang in the different organs in the body and to treat the illnesses accordingly can be appreciated. Herbs in TCM are also uniquely considered to have selective therapeutic effects on certain parts of the body and this is called channel tropism. This resembles the concept of...

Alternative Complementary And Integrative Medicine

A major survey conducted in the early twenty-first century indicated that over 40 percent of Americans had used or were using some form of alternative medicine about 75 percent believed in the healing power of prayer and 85 percent believed that certain foods could cure disease or enhance health. The survey included questions on 27 types of alternative or unconventional therapies. Unconventional healing approaches included acupuncture, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic medicine, herbs, botanical products, enzymes, deep breathing exercises, meditation, energy healing, yoga, homeopathy, medical magnets, chiropractic, massage, reflexology, naturopathy, special diets, megavitamin therapy, prayer, and even the ancient practice of dowsing. Moreover, polls indicate that educated people in search of optimum health are the most likely to seek out holistic or alternative medicine. Seventy percent of Canadians have used alternative medicine and one-third of the population uses it on a regular basis. In...

Diagnosis of autonomic neuropathy

The loss of heart rate variability during deep breathing due to vagal impairment is the most reliable and simplest test of autonomic neuropathy. It is best assessed using a cardiotachograph during deep respirations (six breaths per minute) taking average readings during six breaths it can also be performed using an ordinary electrocardiograph during a single deep breath (five seconds in, five seconds out). The heart rate difference (maximum rate during inspiration minus minimum rate during expiration) in those under 55 years old is always greater than ten. Heart rate increase on standing up should be assessed, and there should normally be an overshoot as well. Heart rate variation (deep breathing) (beats min) Deep breathing Deep breathing Heart rate changes in a normal subject (left) and a patient with autonomic neuropathy (right) showing loss of heart rate variation in autonomic neuropathy during deep breathing, at six breaths a minute (top), and loss of overshoot cardiac...

Complications Of Aortic Surgery

Pulmonary complications may also arise in these patients, again owing to the high incidence of cigarette smoking and preexisting pulmonary disease. Not uncommonly, postoperative atelectasis and airway collapse may also occur, often accentuating the already compromised pulmonary status. The reasons for this include the presence of a nasogastric tube (described in more detail below), which impairs the normal clearance of secretions, and postoperative pain, which prevents the voluntary mechanisms of cough and deep breathing. In the patient who has sustained prolonged intraoperative

Abdominal breathing

You can practice abdominal breathing just about anywhere, anytime. For example, take three minutes at work to concentrate on breathing deeply. You don't even have to lie down (if you do, make sure the boss doesn't see you ). Just sit quietly and breathe while making sure to let your stomach rise more than your chest so that you fill up your lungs more fully. And three minutes will refresh you. With practice, abdominal breathing just may become routine for you.

Gentle breathing

It doesn't get any simpler than this breathing technique, and gentle breathing doesn't take much time either. 2. Simply pay attention to your breathing. Be aware of the air as it flows through your nose and into your lungs. Notice how your muscles pull the air gently in and out. 3. Allow your breathing to develop a slow, even flow in and out. 4. Imagine bringing a delicate flower with dainty petals up to your nostrils. Soften your breath so that the petals remain still. 6. Note how focusing on your breathing gradually relaxes and calms you.


Lungs when thoracic pressure falls below atmospheric pressure, then it's forced out when thoracic pressure rises above atmospheric pressure. The diaphragm does most of the work. It is dome-shaped at rest, but when stimulated by the phrenic nerves, it tenses and flattens somewhat, dropping about 1.5 cm in quiet respiration and as much as 7 cm in deep breathing. This enlarges the thoracic cavity and thus reduces its internal pressure. Other muscles help. The scalenes fix (immobilize) the first pair of ribs while the external intercostal muscles lift the remaining ribs like bucket handles, making them swing up and out. Deep inspiration is aided by the pectoralis minor, stern-ocleidomastoid, and erector spinae muscles.

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