Oncogenic Viruses Of Fish

Indications that a virus is associated with a neoplasm include isolation of virus in cell culture, experimental transmission of the tumour by cell-free filtrate, visualization of virus-like particles with electron microscopy, and certain patterns of occurrence of the disease in fish populations. Previous reviews that consider oncogenic viruses of fish include Pilcher and Fryer (1980), Gross (1983), Wolf (1988), Smail and Munro (1989), and K. Anders and Yoshimizu (1994). In addition, Getchell et al. (1998) reviewed the seasonal occurrence of virally induced cutaneous tumours, and Bowser and Casey (1993) reviewed retroviruses of fish.

This section is organized by viral families and includes some of the neoplasms caused, or suspected to be caused, by a virus. In addition, we review selected neoplasms that have historically been considered viral, but may be caused by other factors, and virally induced non-neoplastic diseases resembling neoplasms either macroscopically or microscopically. As discussed below, the category in which a particular disease fits is uncertain for several diseases.

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