Adenoassociated virus 16 AAV16

Species in the genus Dependovirus. Replication is dependent upon the presence of a helper adenovirus for complete virus production, but infectious DNA and antigens demonstrable by immuno-fluorescence are made in the presence of a helper herpes-type virus. Can also establish a latent infection in the absence of a helper virus. Replicates in cells which support adenovirus replication to a higher titer than the adenovirus whose replication may be depressed. Not genetically related to adenovirus. Mature virus particles contain either positive or negative strands of DNA which are complementary, and after extraction anneal to form double-stranded DNA. There are a number of serotypes. The type species is type 2. Types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are primate adeno-associated viruses. There are also bovine, avian, canine, ovine and equine types. Antibodies can be found in human sera, but none of these viruses is known to be pathogenic. The use of AAV as a vector for potential gene therapy in a clinical setting is under development.

Synonym: adeno-satellite virus.

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