Adult Tcell leukemia virus See human Tlymphotropic virus type

adventitious viruses Contaminant viruses present by chance in a virus preparation or vaccine. Animals and cell cultures are often infected with adventitious viruses, whose presence may go unrecognized for a period.

Aedes cells (CCL 125 and 126) Cell lines established from the mosquitoes, Aedes albopictus and A. aegypti, able to support the replication of a number of arboviruses.

aerosol A gaseous suspension of ultrami-croscopic particles or liquid droplets.

affinity chromatography Chromatography using ligands attached to an insoluble support which interacts with the molecule of interest, retaining it and allowing unwanted molecules to be washed away. On changing the conditions the molecule of interest can be eluted. Examples are the selection of antigen by immobilized antibody and the selection of polyadeny-lated mRNA using oligo dT sepharose.

AFP Acute flaccid paralysis, such as may be caused by poliovirus infection.

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