AKR endogenous murine leukemia

virus (AKRMLV) A subspecies in the genus Gammaretrovirus, belonging to the murine leukemia virus group. An endogenous virus known as AKR murine leukemia virus which causes spontaneous leukemia of AKR mice. In mice which do not spontaneously develop leukemia earlier, T lymphomas develop after about 9 months. Leukemogenesis in AKR mice is accelerated by infection of mink cell focus-forming (MCF) virus recombinants. The MCF recombinants have a chimeric env gene between the endogenously activated and infecting virus genes. In AKR mice which develop spontaneous leukemia, the provirus found in the tumor cells is usually an MCF recombinant. It appears that the MCF envelope glycoprotein can bind to hematopoietic growth factor receptors, such as the erythropoietin receptor, and induce transformation.

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