Amphotropic murine type C virus A strain

of Murine leukemia virus in the genus Gammaretrovirus which infects and replicates in murine and non-murine cells. It thus differs from the ecotropic and xenotropic subspecies. Further differentiation is possible on the basis of antigenicity and interference. Neither syncytia nor plaques are induced in XC cells. The virus was isolated from wild mice.

Hartley JW and Rowe WP (1976) J Virol 19, 19

amphotropic virus A virus which will replicate in the cells of one or more species in addition to its natural host. Term usually applied to members of the family


amplicon 1. A cloning-amplifying vector consisting of repeat units of herpes simplex virus (HSV) defective genomes. Can replicate in the presence of standard HSV helper virus. Co-transfection of cells with helper virus DNA and amplicon generates concatameric defective genomes composed of multiple reiterations of the repeats. Foreign DNA sequences can be introduced to form concatameric chimeric defective genomes that are efficiently packaged and can be stably propagated in serially passaged virus stocks. 2. The product nucleic acid obtained from a polymerase chain reaction.

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