Atlantic salmon reovirus Tsv Tsrv A

strain of Aquareovirus A in the genus Aquareovirus.

Atlantic salmon swim-bladder fibrosar-coma virus A probable species in the family Retroviridae. Particles resembling a C-type retrovirus were seen in fibrosar-comas on the swim bladder of Atlantic salmon in a commercial cage culture in

Scotland. Histologically, the tumors were classified as leiomyosarcomas. There has been no reported virus isolation.

Duncan IB (1978) J Fish Dis 1, 127 McKnight IJ (1978) Aquaculture 13, 55

ATP Abbreviation for adenosine 5' triphos-phate.

AtT-20 cells (CCL 89) An ACTH-secreting line cloned from earlier cultures established after alternate passage of mouse pituitary tumor cells as tumors in animals and in cell culture.

attachment The first stage of infection of a cell by a virus following chance collision of the virus with a suitable receptor on the cell. It is dependent on electrostatic forces but independent of temperature except that collisions are more frequent at higher temperatures. Absence of suitable receptors can give a cell immunity from infection. The virion protein which binds to the cell is called the 'antireceptor'.

Lonberg-Holm K and Philipson L (1974) Monogr Virol 9, 148pp

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