Atypisches geflugelpest virus Synonym for

Newcastle disease virus.

Aujeszky's disease virus Synonym for pseudorabies virus (Suid herpesvirus 1).

Aura virus (AURAV) A species in the genus Alphavirus. Isolated from mosquitoes in

Brazil. No known association with disease. Antibodies found in low percentage of humans, rodents, marsupials and horses but not in monkeys, bats, lizards, cows and sheep.

Causey OR et al (1963) Am J Trop Med Hyg 12, 777

Rumenapf T et al (1995) Virology 208, 621

Australia antigen An antigen first found in the blood of an Australian aboriginal and later identified as hepatitis B surface antigen.

Synonyms: HBs Ag; hepatitis-associated antigen.

Blumberg BS (1977) Science 197, 17

Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) A species in the genus Lyssavirus, originally isolated from an Australian black flying fox (Pteropus alecto) from Ballina, New South Wales, Australia in 1996. An additional isolate was made from a woman bat-carer who died of rabies-like encephalitis in 1996, and further isolates were made from other species of flying-fox (P. poliocephalus and P. scapulatus) and from an insectivorous bat (yellow-bellied sheath-tailed bat). There are probably several strains of ABLV circulating in Australia. The virus is closely related to North American and other strains of Rabies virus, and is neutralized by antirabies serum. Synonym: Ballina virus.

Australian encephalitis (Murray Valley encephalitis) Name used for arboviral encephalitis in Australia. The most important cause is Murray Valley encephalitis virus.

Mackenzie JS (1994) Arch Virol 136, 447

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