Avian reticuloendotheliosis virus

Reticuloendotheliosis virus.

avian retroviruses Synonym for avian type C retroviruses, species in the genus Alpharetrovirus.

avian rotaviruses Group A, D and F species in the genus Rotavirus contain strains that infect birds. The group A viruses are closely related to mammalian group A strains, but two other groups do not cross-react with mammalian rotaviruses; they are: group D (prototype, chicken 132 virus) and group F (viruses isolated from pheasants and turkeys in the USA).

avian sarcoma and leukosis viruses (ASLV) Members of the genus Alpharetrovirus of the Retroviridae family. Although information on these viruses has largely been derived from domestic chickens, a recent sequencing study reported new viruses in 19 species of birds in the order Galliformes (e.g. chicken, grouse, partridge, ptarmigan and quail) representing 3 families and 14 genera. On this basis it was proposed that ASLVs should be classified into two subgenera of Alpharetrovirus as follows:

Subgenus 1: Gallus ASLV, Perdix ASLV and Phasianidae/Odontophoridae ASLV

Subgenus 2: Colinus ASLV, Tetraonine ASLV and Bonasa/Phasianus ASLV

See Avian leukosis virus. Dimcheff DE et al (2000) J Virol 74, 3984

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