Avian type C oncovirus group


'Avian type C retroviruses' Synonym for alpharetroviruses.

avianized virus Virus adapted to birds.

Avibirnavirus A genus of the family Birnaviridae including only viruses which infect birds. Only one species, Infectious bursal disease virus, has been recognized and this is the type species. There are two recognized serotypes: serotype 1 strains are pathogenic in chickens, causing immunosuppressive disease by destruction of cells in the bursa of Fabricius; and serotype 2 strains which are non-pathogenic.

avidity Intensity of binding of, for example, an antibody molecule to the antigen which induced its formation.

Avihepadnavirus A genus of the family Hepadnaviridae containing only viruses which infect birds. The type species is Duck hepatitis B virus. The only other confirmed species in the genus is Heron hepatitis B virus, but Ross's goose hepatitis B virus may also be a member.

Avipoxvirus A genus of the subfamily Chordopoxvirinae, consisting of viruses of birds. Ether-resistant. Species are anti-genically related. Infected cells develop type A inclusion bodies which are rich in lipid. Hemagglutinin is not formed. Mechanical transmission by arthropods is common. Type species Fowlpox virus. DNA 260kb. Avipoxviruses infect domestic, wild and pet birds. Infections are characterized by the development of proliferative lesions ranging from small nodules to spherical tumor- or wart-like masses on the skin of unfeath-ered areas. In some cases, proliferative lesions or diphtheric membranes may develop on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, mouth and esophagus. The species currently listed under this genus are Fowlpox, Turkeypox, Canarypox, Pigeonpox, Quailpox, Sparrowpox, Starlingpox, Juncopox, Mynahpox and psittacine poxviruses. Other probable members of this genus are peacockpox, penguinpox and albatrosspox viruses. Fowlpox virus (type species of the genus Avipoxvirus) has been investigated most extensively.

Synonym: fowlpox subgroup viruses.

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