Bass virus See largemouth bass virus

Batai virus (BATV) A strain of Bunyamwera virus in the genus Bunyavirus, belonging antigenically to the Bunyamwera virus serogroup. Isolated in India, Malaysia, Thailand, former Czechoslovakia and Ukraine. Mosquito-borne. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Batama virus (BMAV) A species in the genus Bunyavirus. Isolated from a bird, Euplectes afra. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Batken virus (BKNV) A strain of Dhori virus in the genus Thogotovirus. Isolated from mosquitoes and from the sheep tick, Hyalomma p plumbeum in Kirghizia. Antigenically and genetically related to Dhori virus. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Frese M et al (1997) J Gen Virol 78, 2453

bat salivary virus Synonym for Rio Bravo virus.

Batu cave virus (BCV) A strain of Phnom Penh bat virus in the genus Flavivirus. Isolated from bats in Malaysia. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Bauline virus (BAUV) A strain of Great Island virus in the genus Orbivirus. Isolated from the tick, Ixodes uriae, on Great Island, Newfoundland, Canada. Antibodies present in puffins and petrels. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Bayou virus (BAYV) A species in the genus Hantavirus. Cause of fatal hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Louisiana, USA. Rodent host is the rice rat, Oryzomys palustris.

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BB cells (CCL 59) Cell line initiated from posterior trunk tissue, not including fins, of 2-year-old brown bullheads. Susceptible to Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus and is the only cell line susceptible to channel catfish virus.

B-DNA A right-handed conformation of the DNA double helix which is stable at high humidity and is considered to be the biologically most important form. B-DNA is in equilibrium with the left-handed, Z-DNA, conformation. The equilibrium depends upon parameters such as cations in the environment and covalent modifications of DNA. The B-DNA helix has two grooves (one major and one minor) as opposed to the Z-DNA helix which has only a single groove.

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