Boraceia virus Borv A strain of

Anopheles B virus in the genus Bunyavirus. Isolated from mosquitoes Anopheles cruzii and Phoniomyia pilicauda in Casa Grande, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not reported to cause disease in humans. Together with

Anopheles B virus forms the Anopheles B serogroup.

Lopes OS and Sachetta LA (1974) Am J Epidem 100, 410

Border disease virus (BDV) A species in the genus Pestivirus. Causes a disease of sheep first described from the borders of Wales and England. A congenital condition of newborn lambs characterized by an abnormally hairy birthcoat and a tremor. There is defective myelination of the CNS caused by the virus crossing the placenta to infect the fetus. Virus can be isolated from the CNS of affected lambs. A similar disease has been described in Germany, Australia and New Zealand. The virus replicates in cultures of primary calf and fetal lamb kidney cells. Cell depletion is seen and infected cells can be stained with fluorescent-labeled antiserum. Infected lambs develop antibodies to hog cholera virus and to bovine viral diarrhea virus to which Border disease virus is antigenically related. Injection of non-pregnant ewes causes no obvious disease, but in pregnant animals there is necrotizing carunculitis, abortion and border disease in those young which are not aborted. Synonyms: pestivirus ovis; hairy shaker disease of lambs.

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