Bovine rhinoviruses 13 BRV1 2 and

-3) Serotypes in the genus Rhinovirus, not yet assigned to a species. Three serotypes have been described. Serotype 1 contains strains Sd-1, 181-V (Germany), C-07, VC-96 and FS1-43 (USA), RS3X (UK) and M47 and Chitose (Japan); serotype 2 contains EC-11 (UK); serotype 3 contains H-1 (Japan). Replicate best in calf kidney cells at 33°C and low bicarbonate. A widespread infection with low pathogenicity for calves, causing fever, nasal discharge, cough and difficulty in breathing. Does not infect other animals.

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bovine rotavirus A probable species in the genus Rotavirus. Rotaviruses of all six species (groups A to F) may infect calves, causing diarrhea. Circulating antibody does not protect against rotavirus infection, although rotavirus antibody in the gut from colostrum or milk does provide protection. Calf rotavirus infections are highly contagious and occur worldwide. A similar disease is caused by neonatal calf diarrhea coronavirus. Synonym: calf rotavirus.

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185, 339

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