Bovine viral diarrhea virus 1 BVDV1 A

species in the genus Pestivirus, with four recognized serotypes, NAD2, Osloss, SD-1 and CP7. The genome is single positive-stranded RNA, about 12.3 kb long. Infection appears to be confined to artio-dactyls - cattle, sheep, pigs, buffaloes, moose and deer. Both cytopathogenic and non-cytopathogenic strains can be isolated. Most infections are inapparent, but a small number of cattle in the herd develop severe, frequently fatal mucosal disease with diarrhea, fever and oral ulceration. Necrotic lesions are found in mucosa, hooves and lymph nodes. If primary infection occurs during pregnancy

Brazil 2-4 virus the virus may cross the placenta, causing abortion or fetal abnormalities. Infection of the fetus with a non-cytopathic strain before development of immunological competence (110 days' gestation) can result in the animal being persistently infected with BDV for life. It is these animals that maintain the virus in the population, and that may develop severe mucosal disease which develops in such persistently infected cattle when they become infected with a second cytopathic strain of BDV. The disease is often mild and antibodies may be present in most members of a herd. Antibodies not found in humans or horses. A related virus occurs in sheep in southern Germany and pigs in Australia. Serial passage in rabbits leads to attenuation of virulence for cattle and this virus may be used as a vaccine. There are probably at least seven antigenically distinguishable types of the virus. It is spherical, 57nm in diameter with a 24nm wide core, and envelope without projections. Infectivity sensitive to lipid solvents, exposure to 56°C and to pH 3 or below. Replicates in bovine cell cultures without CPE. Synonyms: mucosal disease virus; pes-tivirus diarrhea virus; diarrhea virus of bovines; pestivirus bovis; bovine virus diarrhea virus; bovine diarrhea virus.

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bovine viral diarrhea virus 1 CP7 A strain of bovine viral diarrhea virus 1.

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