Bunyamwera supergroup of arboviruses

Old name for the genus Bunyavirus.

Bunyamwera virus (BUNV) A species in the genus Bunyavirus. A member of the Bunyamwera serogroup. Isolated in Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya and Central African Republic where it has caused a few cases of fever with a rash in humans. Mosquito-borne.

Bunyaviridae A large family of arthropod-borne, enveloped, spherical or pleomor-phic viruses 80-120nm in diameter with glycoprotein surface projections. There are three internal ribonucleocapsids which are circular helical strands, 2-2.5nm in diameter, 0.2-3nm long. The RNA genome is composed of three segments of negative or ambisense single-stranded RNA, termed L (large), M (medium) and S (small) with lengths of 6.5-9.0kb, 3.2-6.3kb and 0.8-2.0kb, respectively. There are four major virion proteins: L (transcriptase), N (nucleocap-sid), G1 and G2 (external glycoproteins). The L-RNA encodes the L protein; M-RNA encodes the glycoproteins which are co-translationally cleaved to form G1 and G2, and in some viruses a non-structural protein NSM; the S-RNA encodes the N protein, and in some viruses a non-structural protein NSS. Virions develop in the cytoplasm and mature by budding into smooth-surfaced vesicles in the Golgi region or nearby, but maturation at the plasma membrane has also been observed. There are five genera: Bun-yavirus, Phlebovirus, Nairovirus, Hantavirus and Tospovirus.

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Bunyavirus A genus of the family Bunyaviridae consisting of some 170 recognized viruses. Those which show some degree of antigenic relationship are considered to be species. They can be divided into 47 species and four ungrouped viruses (Table B1). Most are mosquito-borne but some (Tete group) are tick-borne. Some show transovarial transmission.

Bunyip Creek virus (BCV) A serotype of Palyam virus in the genus Orbivirus. Isolated from cattle, Bos taurus, in Grafton, Australia.

buoyant density The density of a particle expressed in terms of the density of a fluid in which it neither sinks nor floats. See isopycnic gradient centrifugation.

Burg el Arab virus An unclassified arbovirus belonging to the Matariya serogroup. Isolated from a bird, Sylvia curraca, in Egypt. Probably also present in Europe since the bird was viremic on arrival in Egypt on its way south. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Buritirana virus An unclassified arthropod-borne virus isolated in the Amazon region of Brazil.

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