C211 cells (CCL 123) A cell line derived from a skin biopsy obtained from an 11-year-old Caucasian male with Cri du Chat syndrome. The cell line has a partial deletion of the short arm of chromosome 4.

C6/36 cells A line of insect cells derived from the mosquito, Aedes albopictus. Support the growth of many arboviruses, including Dengue virus.

Barth OM (1992) Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz 87, 565

Cabassou virus (CABV) A species in the genus Alphavirus, antigenically related to Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus. No association with human disease.

Cacao virus (CACV) A strain of Chilibre virus in the genus Phlebovirus, in the Chilibre antigenic complex of the sand-fly fever group. Isolated from Lutzomyia sp in Panama. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

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