California rabbit fibroma virus See Rabbit fibroma virus

California serogroup viruses Fourteen serologically related viruses which form the species California encephalitis virus, in the genus Bunyavirus (Table C1).

Hubalek Z et al (1979) J Gen Virol 42, 357

Table C1. California serogroup viruses

California encephalitis* (C) San Angelot (A)

Jamestown Canyont(C) Snowshoe hare (L, C)

* Can cause disease in humans. + May be regarded as subtypes of California encephalitis virus.

Isolated from: A, anopheline mosquitoes; C, culicine mosquitoes; H, humans; L, lemmings, hares; R, rodents.

callitrichid hepatitis A highly fatal disease of captive marmosets and tamarins, caused by infection with the arenavirus Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV). The zoo animals become infected by contact with LCMV-infected newborn mice (pinkies) provided as food for the primates. There is no evidence to suggest that spread of the disease occurs between primates.

Montali RJ et al (1995) Am J Pathol 148, 1441

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