Cercopithecine herpesvirus 10 CeHV

10) An unassigned species in the family Herpesviridae. Appears to be a common infection of rhesus monkeys but there is no evidence that it causes disease in them. Isolated by co-cultivation of rhesus blood leukocytes with simian or human fibroblasts such as Wl-38 or MRC-5 cells. Causes CPE within 6-8 days, which slowly progresses. On staining with acridine orange, multiple green inclusions are seen in the nucleus but not in the cytoplasm. More than half the virus infectivity is cell-associated. Experimental inoculation of mice, hamsters and rabbits caused no obvious disease. Infection of rhesus monkeys resulted in a rise in antibodies. No cross-neutralization could be demonstrated with a range of other human and simian her-pesviruses. There appear to be at least two antigenic types. Synonym: rhesus leukocyte-associated herpesvirus, strain 1.

Frank AL et al (1973) J Infect Dis 128, 618, 630

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