Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide CTAB

A solvent that is widely used to dissolve DNA samples.

CEV BFS-283 virus A strain of California encephalitis virus in the genus Bunyavirus.

CFT Abbreviation for complement fixation test.

CFU Abbreviation for colony forming unit.

CG18-20 virus (CG1820V) Bashkiria virus, a strain of Puumala virus in the genus Hantavirus.

CGBQ cells (CCL 169) This cell line was derived from the sternum of a 15- to 17-day-old embryo of the domestic goose, Anser anser.

Table C2. The 14 C group viruses

(1) Apeu (C, H, M) Caraparu (C, H, R) Madrid (C, H, R) Ossa (C, H, R)

C group viruses Fourteen serologically related viruses (Table C2) in the genus Bunyavirus, found only in the Western Hemisphere. All except Nepuyo and Gumbo limbo viruses have been associated with febrile illness in humans. There are three subgroups.

Chaco virus (CHOV) An unassigned species in the family Rhabdoviridae. With Marco virus, Timbo virus and Sena Madureira virus forms the Timbo serogroup. Isolated from the lizards, Ameiva ameiva ameiva and Kentropyx calearatus, in Para, Brazil. Not isolated from arthropods but considered to be arthropod-transmitted as it will replicate in experimentally infected mosquitoes. Kills newborn mice which are more sensitive than Vero cells in which it replicates with CPE at 30°C.

Monath TP et al (1979) Arch Virol 60,1

chaffinch papillomavirus (ChPV) A probable species in the genus Papillomavirus. Causes papillomas exclusively on the legs of finches (chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs, and brambling, Fringilla montifringilla). Usually only one leg is affected, and the whole foot may be affected with a highly keratinized papillomatous lesion in severe cases. Typical papillomavirus particles, 52nm in diameter, were first seen in the tumors by electron microscopy, and shown to have 72 capsomeres arranged in a skew (T = 7d) lattice as for Human papillomavirus. Virus DNA has been characterized and is partially related to Bovine papillomavirus. The incidence of the tumors, based on data from European bird-ringers, is 1-2%, and only chaffinches and bramblings seem to be affected.

Synonym: fringilla papillomavirus.

Marituba (C, H, M) Murutucu (C, H, R, M) Nepuyo (C, R, Ba) Restan (C, H) Vinces (C) 63U11

Isolated from: Ba, bats; C, culicine mosquitoes; H, humans; M, marsupials; R, rodents.

chelonid herpesvirus 1 (ChHV-1)

Lina PHC et al (1973) J Natl Cancer Inst 50, 567 Moreno-Lopez J et al (1984) J Virol 51, 872

Chagres virus (CHGV) A tentative species in the genus Phlebovirus, belonging to the sandfly fever group with no complex assigned. Isolated from a man with a febrile illness in the Canal Zone, Panama. Also isolated from the mosquito, Sabethes chloropterus and Lutzomyia sp. Causes CPE in primary rhesus monkey kidney, human amnion and mouse embryo cell cultures. On injection i.c. kills newborn mice.

Robeson G et al (1979) J Virol 30, 339

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