Chickenpox virus See varicellazoster virus

Chicken anemia virus (CAV) A species in the genus Circovirus, which causes aplas-tic anemia in chickens. Distributed worldwide both in commercial and specific pathogen-free poultry flocks. Probably immunosuppressive and most serious as a dual infection with avian reticuloendotheliosis virus, avian aden-ovirus or Infectious bursal disease virus.

Noteborn MHM et al (1991) J Virol 65, 3131 Toro H et al (2000) Avian Dis 44, 51

chicken embryo lethal orphan virus (CELO) A strain of Fowl adenovirus A in the genus Aviadenovirus, closely related to quail adenovirus. Isolated originally from embryonated eggs inoculated with various materials, and in which the embryos died. It became clear that the source of the virus was the eggs and not the injected material. It has been associated with various diseases in chickens, turkeys and pheasants. Oncogenic in newborn hamsters. Replicates with typical adenovirus CPE in cell cultures. Synonym: fowl adenovirus 1.

Aghakhan SM (1974) Vet Bull 41, 531 Chiocca S et al (1996) J Virol 70, 2939

chicken leukosis sarcoma virus See Avian leukosis virus.

Chicken parvovirus (ChPV) A species in the genus Parvovirus. Causes runting disease in broiler chickens with intestinal lesions and poor weight gain.

Kisary J et al (1985) J Gen Virol 66, 2259

chickenpox virus Not a poxvirus. A herpesvirus called varicella virus. Name probably derived from Old English gican, meaning itch, as this is a characteristic symptom. See Human herpesvirus 3.

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