Colonic carcinoma cell line CaCo2 See CACO2 cell line

colony A cluster of cells derived from a single cell by division on a solid medium, e.g. agar.

Colony B North virus A strain of Great Island virus in the genus Orbivirus.

colony-forming units (CFU) The number of colonies formed per unit of volume or weight of a cell suspension.

colony-stimulating factors Substances which stimulate cell growth. Human her-pesvirus 4 (EBV) expresses a gene (BARF-1) that encodes the receptor for colony-stimulating factor 1.

colony virus (COYV) A serotype of Great Island virus in the genus Orbivirus.

Colorado tick fever virus (CTFV) The type species of the genus Coltivirus. Causes disease in humans 4-5 days after the bite of an infected tick, Dermacentor andersoni, but other tick species may also serve as vectors. There is fever, usually saddleback type, leukopenia, headache, limb pains and often abdominal pain and vomiting. Rash is uncommon. There may be encephalitis, especially in children. Virus has been isolated from wild rodents but in them infection is inapparent. Hamsters can be infected experimentally i.p. and on passage the virus may kill them. Occurs in north-west USA but does not reach the Pacific coast. Infectivity is acid-sensitive but ether-resistant. The virion, 80nm in diameter, has two protein shells and contains 12 segments of double-stranded RNA. Replicates in eggs when injected into the yolk sac, and in cells with CPE. Control depends on protection from ticks. Natural host probably the ground squirrel.

Emmons RW (1988) Ann Rev Microbiol 42, 49

Coltivirus A genus in the family Reoviridae. Spherical virus particles 80nm in diameter with two outer capsid shells and a core which possesses no projections. Genome consists of 12 segments of double-stranded RNA ranging from 240bp to 2.53kb long; total mol. wt. 18 x 106. Primarily isolated from Ixodid ticks, but also from humans, deer and small animals. There are two serotypes: Colorado tick fever (North America) and Eyach (Europe). Several isolates have been made in China and Indonesia. A virus isolated from a hare in California (S6-14-03) is related to Eyach virus.

Columbia SK virus Synonym for Encephalomyocarditis virus.

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