Columbid herpesvirus 1 CoHV1 An

unassigned species in the family Herpesviridae. A natural and widespread infection of pigeons. Not transmissible to chickens, ducks, geese or quail, but budgerigars and turtle doves can be infected experimentally. Related viruses have been isolated from falcons, falconid herpesvirus 1, and owls, strigid her-pesvirus 1. Only one serotype has been found. Causes conjunctivitis, respiratory lesions and focal necrosis of the liver, but is usually carried by apparently normal birds as a latent infection. Replicates with CPE in primary chicken embryo fibrob-lasts. Propagated on the CAM it produces plaques and kills the embryo in 4 days. Synonyms: inclusion disease of pigeons virus; pigeon herpesvirus.

Vindevogel H et al (1985) J Comp Pathol 95, 105

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