CRNA See complementary RNA

Crohn's disease A chronic granulomatous disease of unknown etiology, involving the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the terminal ileum. It seems to have both genetic as well as environmental causes. It has been suggested to have a link with measles virus infection, including measles vaccination, but no convincing evidence has yet been published in support of this hypothesis.

cross-hybridization Hybridization between complementary nucleic acids from different sources. Percentage cross-hybridization can provide a measure of the relatedness of two nucleic acids.

cross-neutralization Neutralization of infectivity of a virus preparation by immune sera against different viruses. Usually this indicates a close antigenic and taxonomic relationship between the viruses involved.

cross-protection The protection conferred on a host by infection with one strain of a virus which prevents infection by a closely related strain (see superinfection exclusion). Mild strains of a virus have been used to protect against infection with a severe, related virus, and this was the basis for vaccinia protection against variola infection. The phenomenon is also used to assess relatedness of virus strains.

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