Ditchling agent See Ditchling virus

Ditchling virus A Norwalk-like virus, very similar or identical to Wollan virus. Observed by electron microscopy in seven or eight fecal specimens collected during an outbreak of acute epidemic gastroenteritis in a school in Ditchling, Sussex, UK.

Appleton H et al (1977) Lancet 1, 409

D loop Abbreviation for displacement or displaced loop. A structure formed in supercoiled DNA which has been incubated, under the appropriate conditions, with a short single-stranded DNA or RNA fragment that is homologous for part of the supercoiled molecule. The displaced strand of the supercoiled molecule, the D loop, is then available for manipulation, e.g. site-specific mutagenesis. D-loop formation is an initial step in the replication of many circular double-stranded DNA molecules. See R-loop mapping.

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